Friday, July 14, 2006

Today Is Galley Day

Someone needs to give me a big pinch---today it all becomes real with the book. I was so excited, I couldn't sleep. The galleys for the book arrive today and Piotr and I have one more final edit before we go to press.

Last night I helped one of our business guests draft an email---well, in between serving him Grey Goose rocks, I gave him the expensive words to use. He said I should think about being a consultant in terms of business writing and asked for my card, and silly me, no business card. So, that's another thing to put on the to do list.

Marissa sent along this fun self awareness check in:

and make sure you do the name one too. It's pretty accurate!


Sandra said...

I pinch! I pinch!

Thanks to you, both Adam and I are addicted. Yay, crabs--they're what brings couples together.

More are the galleys?!?

Roonie said...

Do friends get exclusive signed copies? ;)

carly said...

yes, little pinch! galleys were great, only one typo and yes, friends do get signed copies...know anywhere good in cali to read?