Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dance Dance Revolution

Tonight is Salsa night---Jonathan and I start dance lessons. Since moving out of Kent and Youngstown, I've really missed swing dancing and so we decided to try something new so we could both learn together. Actually, today has been a very dance centered day as this afternoon Shannon and I had lunch and we talked about the steam sequence---giving Shannon a better idea about who this woman is so she could begin to start working with movement. I'm really excited to be collaborating with her and next week we'll be in the studio! She was asking me a lot of questions about the woman, many of which I hadn't ever thought about while writing the poems. I don't think I could have done it if I had some direction in mind though---I often tell my students that writing isn't a path to some greater theme or idea and that you have to let the writing tell you what it wants to do. I like how some things just aren't explainable---which is esentially the "message" behind the sequence.


Sandra said...

Hi Carly--

This dance collaboration is intriguing...I've had friends whos poems were set to music before, but none to dance. So it's based on the overall sequence, rather than literally sorresponding to particular poems?

I'm glad your Burlesque Poetry Hour announcement was modified to give a little background to "that time of the month." = ) Though *I* knew what you meant...

See you Monday!

Over & out,

carly said...

yes, i love being cryptic...hee hee. I'll tell you more about the poems/dance (based on the whole sequence), but it should be fun. See you for dinner Monday---6:15 before the reading!