Friday, July 07, 2006

So Much for Not Being a Fancy Lady

Janeil invited me out for ladies lunch so I decided to wear a little black dress since we were going somewhere classy. I'm of course now back in my sweats as I work from home when not slinging swanky cosmos around. But it was cool to be out and about and fancy. Speaking of fancy, just bought a great wool suit (On Sale)--got love those post 4th of July markdowns, so I will be styling come fall. Made travel plans for Ohio, Portland, and Seattle and just found out I'll be reading at Emory University next February and have almost lined up gigs in Philly and Florida. Looks like this is going to be a jet set year. And speaking of jet setting, today I was reading Gioconda Belli's "From Eve's Rib." She's a Nicaraguan poet whose books began coming out in the 1970's. So far, I think she's kind of like Sonia and political. Take this line: "And the books/ spread out on my bed are like men I've made love with in an/ orgy of arms and legs that awaken my passion for life,/ biting my nipples , my sex and filling me with a special/ semen made from letters fecundating me..."

Yes, we are the classier sex!


Roonie said...

Wow. I like Gioconda's stuff.

P.S. - When you come to Seattle and/or Portland, you ought to get a hold of me! I would come up to hang out!

carly said...'s august 20-28...first seattle and then portland! where are you and what are you doing these days?