Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Pinches

Shannon's back from Ireland and we're going...well, more like she's going to choreograph the steam sequence. We talked a little bit about the project yesterday. Maybe all this yoga will make me ready for my dancing debut.

I actually let out a fuck in yoga class yesterday and a somewhat loud one as I fell out of the pose and into the shelving in the back of the room. No worries, I'm ok.

Maybe Shannon should not let me be a dancer.

Will be reading at Gallery 324 in Cleveland on Saturday October 14th so now I have two Cleveland gigs. Mac's Backs the 17th, 7 p.m.


HaJew said...

I relate. I was once at yoga and fell during a position and hit and broke the clock on the back wall.

carly said...

At least I didn't fall into the back door---some other woman did that about a month ago and almost headstanded right out of class!

Roonie said...

You're adorable. I'll bet it was the cutest little "fuck," anyways.

Caroline Skrong said...

fucking is good!