Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cupcakes Will Make Everything OK

Just like every cloud has it's silver lining, every cupcake has it's icing.

These fabulous cupcakes here are wheat free and gluten free and amazing! I'd even say as good if not better than Magnolia. And what's awesome is that many people are working on making food for people with allergies. The ones pictured here are courtesy of Pamela of Pamela's Products (I had at least 6 tonight.) At the reading, I also met Lucy whose son is allergic to many things and so she developed her own line as well---I don't know the official website, but I'm sure she's google-able. She's based out of Norfolk, VA. So for those of you looking for yummy treats, these women are sure to satisfy!

I got to the Alimentum reading early and Paulette was all: Do you want to help ice the cupcakes?
Me: Hell yes!

After that, I knew the night was going to be grand...I was even asked to read---and so I read Ramona from the iphone! Yes, I email myself my poems. I read the new one and it went over well and it looks like Ramona will be a book some day. She may even be a one woman show. Someone approached me about that too---I had never considered Ramona live, but since my Drisha collaboration, I'm open to exploring the creative options---

And I brought the cupcakes home (and even the mix so I can make more) for the roommates and they were a huge hit, so it looks like I'm back to fantastic land. And yes, that is a size 2. Traci gave me all her old bar clothes, so eat your heart out ladies.

I know I'll have my cupcakes and still be a 2!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Fabulous and Not So

Lately I've been thinking about the way we present ourselves on our blogs (as well as in our lives). The way we can make an ordinary thing seem like our life is kissed by something so great, well, we just have to explode and take photos and put it out there in the cosmos for others to come across.

My new chair came. I took it in a cab home. It was sunny and we drove over the Brooklyn Bridge. It cost me $30...I was supposed to go out last night and meet a good friend not from here for her birthday, but I couldn't. I was too exhausted and heart broken. The ex is already back on Jdate. I know, I never blog of these things---the really personal ones. I like to guard my ~real~ life and keep those private moments, well private. So I don't know how long this post will actually stay up. But I'm digressing.

And I'm also living in the past a little bit and I'm sure I'm going through all the things anyone who has ever gone through a break up has been through. This was a man I thought I could marry. I guess I was living in some deluded life that he would realize what it was we had and he would not be able to let go completely. I don't know if this is the case, but I most certainly do not have an online dating presence.

Though as a woman, I suppose these things are a little easier. Wear a cute shirt to a poetry reading and read a poem about menstruation and you will get asked for a drink afterwards. So I know maybe I shouldn't let my mind run in these circles. He did say the dates weren't good. In my mind, he was still mine...

Maybe I need to be hit over the head with this. Maybe I shouldn't waste my tears. Maybe I should sieze the day---after all, I've been in bed since 7 p.m. last night. And I'm sure that my mr. right is out there and has probably already emailed me a poem about me or spent the better half of the evening listening to me snivel, or maybe he knows the right place to have dessert, or can hang shelves. I want to believe it's out there. But I'm still tired and my heart feels like the kitchen after the restaurant's closed. Or like my new chair in the early morning light. My favorite jeans within reaching distance.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ginger and Juice!

This is the juice (from GoBo) that I had with Beth from NYSCASA that inspired so much---one, a new desk chair from Bo Concept coming my way next week---though mine will have a white slip cover. It's so comfy and my feet hit the floor while my back is supported. It's funny, even though I love my lap top, I love it most on the desk :)
And number two is my new super secret project for The Why and Later. There's much to say about the meeting, but for now, I'm up to my eyeballs in student fiction...I played frisbee all day in Princeton so serves me right to have to buckle down tonight! Let's just say, I'll have a new title soon :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Perfect Wedding

Erin got married this weekend. Here's pictures of all of us gals and of her cupcakes! No wedding cake, wedding cupcakes! It was a dream come true for me---still not as good as Sugar Sweet Sunshine, but these orange and pink flowered beauties captured my heart. What was the best part of the wedding, besides all of us together again, was the pictures---on each table they had a picture of them together and on the back they had written letters to each other about that time and their life together thus far and what they hope for the future. It was a simple wedding---you could see so much of themselves and theur families and friends in it. It was really a day about love and life, both theirs and all of ours.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Every Monday Needs A Little Roadtrip

Because I have moved, I didn't find out until last night that I was getting this award! Luckily, I was able to juggle my schedule around so I could be at the dinner and ceremony this evening upstate---eight years in the making for the anthology and eight hours on the road (there and back) today. The plaque is resting on the bed next to where I'll be laying my head in a few moments. More to come, but for now, it's a good night for me...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

My New Writing Area

The new room is coming together! Thanks to a super sweet poet/construction worker friend, I was able to hang my new shelves the other day!
The room still needs some work, but it's coming together---it's a metaphor in a way---trying to figure out what fits and what goes where...
Yesterday was Sex and the City with the gals in Brooklyn at lunch. We ended up at 12th street bar and grill and the bartender said, wow, you all just need a fourth and we'd be like the movie. Oh how true---
There is nothing in the world like laughing with the girls in the middle of the afternoon :)
I'm really starting to hang things up on my New York shelves so to speak---just found out that I'll have a why and later reading in the next KGB Bar poetry reading series in the fall! And starting to make regular writing dates with my gal pal writers, so working on creating the space that I need, the things to make me feel whole.

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Big Drisha Show

I am excited to announce that I will previewing excerpts of a new work this month, created in collaboration with Dages Keates and Basya Shechter as well as my favorite dancers.

The work is based on my first book of poetry, "the steam sequence" and features performers Adrienne Barr, Rachel Lane, Sarah Lannon, Megan Sommerville, Alexis Steeves and myself.

Drisha Showcase
June 16th
7:30 PM
JCC Manhattan
334 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY

This short and varied evening will feature the work of other Drisha Arts Fellows, including wonderful artists, musicians, composers, poets and more. Tickets are now on sale for the event. Please contact the JCC for tickets.

The event is $5 and begins at 7:30PM.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Death and Company

has some of the best signature cocktails in town! After going to the Jan Beatty/Gerry LaFemina reading at Small's, I met the gals for ladies night. The bar is of course death themed and quite dark and romantic---a HOT candlelit death! Mandy got in good with the bouncer so looks like this will be a regular spot for us.
It was a night completely needed. I'm grateful for both Amy and Mandy and that I got myself out of the house. And it was well worth it on a few fronts---I scored some po'business and a drink was bought for me, all thanks to the winning combo of my tampon poem and my MoMoFoLana shirt!