Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Politics of Pinching

Last night Jonathan and I watched the news before going to bed. It doesn't seem all that monumental, but I'm actually one who prefers to not watch news---I'm not sure why I am so against it---perhaps the sensationalism and the idea of images clipped together to tell the story. Maybe I prefer the writing, but even that can be the same way. I have to say that I hate the graphics and slogans they come up with---Crisis in the Middle East, Day 8....and that switching of Israeli and Lebanese flags at the bottom of the screen. I also don't know what to make of this whole situation. All I know is that the issue defies complexity and I don't know if there is any sense to be had and certainly not a right and a wrong at this point. Whenever someone asked me if I think there would be peace in the Middle East, my response was always, not in this lifetime. Not so optimistic from an optimist. Jonathan sent me the link to a blog from Lebanon so I will pass that on.

I'm not one who usually is concerned with politics, but lately I think I'm changing my mind, at least in terms of bringing it into art---I've been telling my students to consider doing what Jane Kenyon Does in "Three Small Oranges." I really like the idea of seeing the significance of the daily and how we need to start opening our eyes to that which is beyond our lines of sight. Here's a link for this poem:

Last night I went to my first crab feast with Jonathan and tried to partake but really found the whole thing pretty vulgar. I was glad when he showed me how cut up his hands were---all that carnage---he deserved the pinching. Then again, I don't know if one can justify these small things. Maybe there is a poem in all of this...

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