Sunday, November 23, 2008

it's OK :)

This was the sign that greeted me at the Oklahoma City Airport---I was impressed and nervous. I hadn't seen Jeremy in over 10 years and I was giving a reading at his Hillel. And it was the first time I was staying with a shomer shabbos family.

I wanted to give a good impression on all levels---as a poet and as a Jew. It's still difficult for me to see myself as the poet that I am...I still feel quite youthful and in the more I'm becoming stage than the I am stage. What I'm learning is that there are levels and I need to step up my own perception of myself to where everyone else sees me.

The reading went really well. I was very impressed with the planning and the diversity---community members, students, professors all came to Hillel for the 70th Kristallnacht commemoration. There was an amazing dinner before at Hillel---salmon, cous cous, and asparagus and the hospitality reminded me of Ohio. Or maybe that this is the way it is in a university town. And it made me want to be a professor more than I ever wanted to before. Spending the afternoon on Saturday with Honi solidified that. And hopefully, this will happen Sooner (get it?!) rather than later.

I'm exhausted and have lots more to say, but for now, know that everything is OK, in fact more than OK!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Heart Cupcakes

as you can tell from the photo! This one is from Babycakes, a vegan bakery---yes, it's true, anything can be had at any time in New York---which is part of the magic and energy of this city.

The staff there is wonderful---since we (Mr. Rad who planned another rad night of mexican food with a bakery down the street, that I could see from the window so I knew something good was coming) were first time visitors, we got free cupcake tops (yes, you can technically buy half a cupcake!). Since I was able to sample 3 (the one I purchased---red velvet, plus the tops, chocolate and banana), I can say, the baking is solid, but some are definitely better---the red velvet and the carrot (which came from the free box they gave me as I was leaving!). So really, I got like 8 cupcakes for the price of one.

And they're kosher, so the box came with me to Drisha the next day (seemed like a much better place than for the roommates)---and then I had to call the bakery back to see who did the kosher certification and they gave me the number for their rabbi, who when I called him said he's the vegan rabbi and does the kosher certification for most vegan places in the city (including Blossom cafe) and he spent about 20 minutes on the phone talking with me about vegetarianism and kashrut--even told me to call him any time I have any questions about kashrut or anything else. 

Which is one of the reasons why I heart this city---the adventures that one can have on a seemingly ordinary Wednesday night. 


Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Totally RAD Day

Everyone needs a RAD day. And Someone to make it happen. On Friday, it happened to me. A mystery subway ride into the city. Madison Park! Home of SHAKE SHACK! I love how New York is so veggie friendly. I had the 'shroom burger. Meat can kiss my fanny. This was better than a burger, though Mr. Rad was digging his no doubt. There were leaves falling and chipmunks and birds. And somehow, burgers and (not) made me swoon a little...

and then arm in arm we strolled to the museum of sex. No joke. There's a museum for everything. And while the animal exhibit was the most fascinating (homesexual penguin and monkey behaviors, reversing gender roles, panda porn), overall, there could have been much more done with human sexuality. Especially in ancient traditions---there's so much on sexual behavior in the Torah alone. But how could you not have fun at a place called the museum of sex?

And even more uptown we went to my favorite Japanese bookstore and cafe for some tea. And after finishing the tea, he pointed down from the windows overlooking Bryant Park, to the Pond! Ice Skating!

And after that, who doesn't want a taste of summer---drinking Soju from half a watermellow. We ladeled it out like soup in our tin bowls. It was a two handed affair. 

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lost and Found

Yesterday I lost my yoga mat on the subway---let me revise, the yoga mat that was left over from my last relationship. Why I had been practicing on my ex's mat, I have no idea. In the pocket was my favorite pair of red undies from a different ex. (Did I just write undies here?) But I felt lighter and joyful as I met the day after bartending before bed. It was a new day, and I was falling asleep knowing that part of my past was no longer physically present in my life. Then after a night of sleep, I started to think about the things we hold on to---the actual items and the ideas in our lives---that things won't change, that our body or our life situation will always be as it is. And that's so far from the truth. Every day is new---why should we heavy ourselves with yesterdays items, yesterday's thoughts? 

And now I get to pick out a new mat and new mat bag!!!

I had an invigorating yoga class this morning---the big kernel of wisdom: Love is wishing happiness for someone else. Yes, it is that easy. I have always thought love was a big deal, but when put this way, it seems easier---how could we not want others to be happy?

And then a great talk with Wendy about cultivating my passions for yoga and writing and becoming a more prosperous artist. Seriously, she's helped me come up with so many new options for a viable way to make an income as an artist. More will be revealed in the future as I begin to create that path, but for now, talk to her for yourselves.

And after the call, my flight and the Hillel email blast from the University of Oklahoma. I'm going to barrel into that voting booth this afternoon and carry good energy for our country...

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Autumn in the Slope

It's been a quiet weekend. Made veggie lasagna and more banana bread---added chocolate chips and cranberries.

Went for walks both days and just laid low. Kicked around the leaves, watched the light fall through the trees. Turned off the iphone for a while. 

It felt good to disconnect.