Monday, August 29, 2005

This is how I know I have been watching too much sex and the city

Can we have our cake and eat it too? The old adage tells us we can't, but in a media, technology centered gimme society in which patience is shoved out the window and emails travel a mile a minute, how do we find the way to slow down and not always want the bigger, better piece? When do we decide to step off the fast track and not feel guilty for doing so? When will enough be enough?

In terms of relationships it seems that we always want our cake and to eat it to and then when we get to eat it, we don't want it anymore. The other day a few of us got into a heated discussion of why people cheat in relationships. This customer said it was natural that people cheat---they can't eat the same cake day in and day out---hence, your favorite becomes tiresome if you repeat it all the time. My mom once decided to eat only desserts in college until she got so sick of them she stopped eating them. There is a time when enough becomes too much.

I find myself questioning what it is that I want. It seems that I'm always drawn to the same flavor, though I do pride myself on having and eclectic pallet. Yesterday I had a scoop of bittersweet at this fabulous ice cream shop in Takoma Park and that's what seems appropriate now, the irony of bittersweetness. I always take my cake a la mode!


Roonie said...

*sigh* It's such a sad argument that people "need" to cheat because they get bored, or that it's human nature for people to cheat. I just had this conversation with my hair stylist. I just don't buy it. Maybe it's blind idealism, but I truly don't.

I wanna be a professor like you! I saw you in the Kent State magazine - you are my new idol!

carly said...

yeah, annie made me sign it :)