Wednesday, August 31, 2005

There will be no Corn Dogs in the Dark Room

I'm so glad I made the decision to teach and work at the Bar. I taught from 9:35-10:50, did work on campus until about noon, had a fabulous lunch at the Galileo with Mattie, walked to the Bar to pick up my due backs, deposited them, stoppped at Thomas Pink---the designer that's having their fashion show at Rouge in September just to check out the goodies. Learned that I'm a ladies 12 (that's British sizes) and found a place where I can actually wear a button down without any of my goodies peaking out. Too bad their shirts are $140. If anyone sees me in one anytime soon, yell at me, unless it's part of the deal for hosting the show. Finally, I wasn't shopping (see Mattie, I don't have a serious problem). Then, I came home, worked on some writing, Washington Writes a Story Day and the Reading Series. Without the input of my lovely co-host, I'm thinking about calling it The Dark Room reading series (that's the name of the room in the Rouge). Do you guys think Reb will go for it? Don't know Reb, click here to learn about who I'm shackin' up with at the Rouge:

And any of you want to come in the Dark Room with us, please email me some poems and tell me why you like it in the Dark: We'll be there in January, last Monday of every month.

Tomorrow I'm heading home to spend some time with friends, family, and the Canfield Fair. Fried anything on a stick, though I prefer the french fries and lemon shakes. Call me old fashioned. Yes, I'm that kind of a girl. My cousin is the one who's all about the corn dogs.


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