Monday, August 01, 2005

A New Month, A New Beginning

because life is full of them. Last night I accomplished the most amazing feat---I ate a Chipotle burrito in its entirety (something I have not been able to do since I first met the veggie fajita burrito in the spring of 2001). I also attended my first drum circle in Meridian Hill park. There were all these steps and fountains and gathering of all people and you could not help but feel connected, that the outside was moving inward and the inward outward...where was this heart beat---that life is always moving, that you cannot hold on, but that you will always be holding on. It seems that this is what I have been writing about lately, the weaving together of things that seem separate, but are really more connected than we think. The latest poem is called synaesthesia.

These are things I have been looking for or into online: the peace corps, health insurance (mostly for my parents--who actually do support the decision to adjunct two classes and bartend instead of working the regular 9-5--but want to save me from the awful random things that could happen to someone out there.) The other day I had gone running and got stung by 7 bees---my first bee sting, they had been holding out on me.

And also, my first visit to No Tell Motel (no, I'm not that kind of gal). Actually, I'm not there, my poems are--they prefer the non-smoking suite and you better believe they will be ordering room service. Especially after those late nights at the Bar---yes, that job starts tomorrow. The beginning has now officially begun~


JuleZ said...

I love Chipotle! Welcome to the club! I've eaten a few of those things in my life...and let me tell you, it's no small feat to eat an entire silver bullet. You go girl!

carly said...

and a plug, the Bar Rouge makes great quesadillas, and during happy hour, only 5 bucks...