Thursday, August 04, 2005

Real Men Drink Cosmos or Don't you wish you were this witty at 9 am?

So, let me propose a morning limmerick to go with your coffee or beginning of the work week. Though, let me say this first, I've never been one for end rhyme--to me it reeks of non-poetness (that is, unless you are and old dead white male poet who may or may not be British). For me, the problem with rhyme is doing it artfully, so that the rhyme does not carry the poem--so you as reader are almost oblivious to it. That being said, I am now a poet who works in the bar and thus, must adapt. Could you imagine me reading a language poem to a bunch of drunk businessmen? Rhymes are fun---there is a reason why we love nursery rhymes, that we can play with language and take such pleasure in the sheer sound of it, the musicality of the day to day. In addition, I have a grocery store diva character--Ramona, as some of you know...and so now of course, my new job demands that either Ramona expand to alcohol, or I create a new character...hmmm, Belinda the Bar Maid? At any rate, my first bar poem was born this morning. May I present, the Limmerick: Cosmopolitan

A cosmopolitan is a real man's drink--
they've been around long enough to know that pink
is acceptable to drink, especially in their prime--half-past thirty.
Blame it on the pretty color or their age when they get flirty,
but for safety's sake, just stand behind the bar and wink.

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Saucy Lil' Tart said...

Well, you worked that end rhyme well, m'dear!