Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cupcakes Will Make Everything OK

Just like every cloud has it's silver lining, every cupcake has it's icing.

These fabulous cupcakes here are wheat free and gluten free and amazing! I'd even say as good if not better than Magnolia. And what's awesome is that many people are working on making food for people with allergies. The ones pictured here are courtesy of Pamela of Pamela's Products (I had at least 6 tonight.) At the reading, I also met Lucy whose son is allergic to many things and so she developed her own line as well---I don't know the official website, but I'm sure she's google-able. She's based out of Norfolk, VA. So for those of you looking for yummy treats, these women are sure to satisfy!

I got to the Alimentum reading early and Paulette was all: Do you want to help ice the cupcakes?
Me: Hell yes!

After that, I knew the night was going to be grand...I was even asked to read---and so I read Ramona from the iphone! Yes, I email myself my poems. I read the new one and it went over well and it looks like Ramona will be a book some day. She may even be a one woman show. Someone approached me about that too---I had never considered Ramona live, but since my Drisha collaboration, I'm open to exploring the creative options---

And I brought the cupcakes home (and even the mix so I can make more) for the roommates and they were a huge hit, so it looks like I'm back to fantastic land. And yes, that is a size 2. Traci gave me all her old bar clothes, so eat your heart out ladies.

I know I'll have my cupcakes and still be a 2!


newzoopoet said...

Oh, thank you for posting this!!

Carly said...

For the cupcakes or the hope?

And congrats on your awards!!

Amy said...

Yum. Wish I coulda gone!
I notice you said better than Magnolia, but not Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Judicious of you. There are no cupcakes better than SSS!
I want to know more about Ramona.

Carly said...

yeah, SSS has my heart---even if something was better, that name just rocks! You and Ramona can have drinks and talk soon---maybe at the SLT today or tomorrow?

Semajio said...

It was indeed a fun evening!

As a Romona fan, and the one who approached you about maybe dramatizing her, I hope to talk to you about that soon.

I'm glad I found your blog.

Maggie May said...

wonderful- my son is gluten intolerant and we eat lots of gluten free products- some are grossarama. :) some delish. i really like annie mac and cheese GF...