Thursday, June 05, 2008

My New Writing Area

The new room is coming together! Thanks to a super sweet poet/construction worker friend, I was able to hang my new shelves the other day!
The room still needs some work, but it's coming together---it's a metaphor in a way---trying to figure out what fits and what goes where...
Yesterday was Sex and the City with the gals in Brooklyn at lunch. We ended up at 12th street bar and grill and the bartender said, wow, you all just need a fourth and we'd be like the movie. Oh how true---
There is nothing in the world like laughing with the girls in the middle of the afternoon :)
I'm really starting to hang things up on my New York shelves so to speak---just found out that I'll have a why and later reading in the next KGB Bar poetry reading series in the fall! And starting to make regular writing dates with my gal pal writers, so working on creating the space that I need, the things to make me feel whole.


Sandra said...

Those floating shelves look GREAT! What a nice office nook. And I know that bookcase. = ) What'd you decide on the solor?

Carly said...

Hee, hee it's quite solar in NYC right now...the room is a "spring rain" blue...and the book case will live as is for now :)

Maggie May Ethridge said...

oh i love it! i've been poking around getting ideas for my writing area, which i am thrilled to even have- my first time with a 'room of my own'.

i'm new to blogging, nice to find your page.


Carly said...

thanks maggie! hope your enjoy the room of your own too :)