Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Perfect Wedding

Erin got married this weekend. Here's pictures of all of us gals and of her cupcakes! No wedding cake, wedding cupcakes! It was a dream come true for me---still not as good as Sugar Sweet Sunshine, but these orange and pink flowered beauties captured my heart. What was the best part of the wedding, besides all of us together again, was the pictures---on each table they had a picture of them together and on the back they had written letters to each other about that time and their life together thus far and what they hope for the future. It was a simple wedding---you could see so much of themselves and theur families and friends in it. It was really a day about love and life, both theirs and all of ours.



Sandra said...

Looking pretty in that dress, Missy!
= )

AMR said...

OMG, I love weddings! Sounds rad! Though, I'm still biased that mine was best! LOVE YOU!

Carly said...

Thanks gals :) Love to you both!!!