Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Singing Praises to Gilda, Faye, Jesus, and hair color

Yesterday I found the only Farouk Systems salon in the DC area---in Sterling, VA and the hour drive was worth it. What was really interesting is that while they can make your hair any color you chose (i.e. purple, which I didn't do) you listen to the Jesus rock station. Perhaps when my hip preacher friend comes to visit we will sing praises while our hair turns pink.

After that, lunch with Reb---this woman is on fire. Starting her own press---she's got one of the best taste's for poetry and take out. Anyone who she publishes will be taken care of. But that's what happens when you're a sassy gal from the rustbelt. You understand how things should be. Rock on Gilda, sings Lolita playing the bass to your sultry song!

I'm amid reading student portfolios and kvelling---so much progress and these books are so meaningful. I hope I'm half the woman Faye Moskowitz is. Last night at the faculty dinner I realized how lucky I am to know her and to have her as my adopted grandmother here in DC. And how lucky I am to be teaching at GW---where I have the best colleagues, especially Mary Sherman Willis and Tammy Stuart Greenwood. I had so much apprehension about being the youngest person on faculty but they made me realize, we're all just professors who have lives and care about shoes. I know I'm making light of everything, but really, I'm honored to be in their circles. It's not often that we can find people who are so wonderful in the workplace, let alone our lives. So all this week, cheers to everyone...come in and see me at Rouge (Tuesday through Thursday) and I may toast to you too!

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