Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Can you really reschedule life?

Life is happening. I woke up this morning and rescheduled the air conditioner repair guy to come on Friday so I can go to yoga today (though my favorite teacher who tells us not to have J-Lo booty is off today and tomorrow). Then I had one of my cousin's fabulous caramel brownies for breakfast (you only live once) which were left over from the great big family dinner on Saturday. Mom was here and all the cousins. It was really wonderful to have so much family over---Mom and I didn't really do all that much, just hung out in Dupont. We managed to get to Larry's twice for ice cream and had fondue at the Melting Pot. You can see why I need to go to yoga so much---all that dessert.

Last night I picked up a shift at the bar b/c the two regulars on Tuesday were ill (One tore his ACL which I kept calling ACLU until Jonathan made a funny joke about that). Also another friend has ulcer problems. We're all so worried and run around, we forget how valuable our health is and how important it is to take care of ourselves and each other. Mom swears by oil of oregano and astralagus. It used to be echinacea. I just wanted the morning/early afternoon to myself since I'll be at Rouge 5 days this week. It all started with Burlesque last night so make sure you check the photos to see what you missed. Last night you missed hanging with the Fudrucker's management team (they'll be in tonight again), and some nice Jewish boys (at least one of which will be back tomorrow). Who knows what will happen today. As I've learned from yoga, you just have to breathe into it and be in the moment.

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