Friday, May 26, 2006

Oh Joy

Today in yoga, the instructor told us to curve our pinkies in Utkatasana (you're standing but bending your knees and trying to sit in a chair---it's challenging) and then she told us to turn the corners of our mouths up---reminding us to find joy in that which is challenging. Just a simple smile and it actually felt better...

I'm hoping it won't rain tonight because Jonathan and I are going to Shakespeare in the Park but even if we get a little wet, I'll try that fab yoga move and viola, to be or not to be in the rain eh? (Though we've decided to picnic at Russia House tonight as it has already started thundering so the question is now, will the show even go on).

After yoga I bought some beer, Rolling Rock and Yeungling for Jules. Also found a new recipe for tomorrow's dinner with the cousins.

So we'll have two varieties of chicken with apricots, field greens salad with bleu cheese and pears, and german potato salad.

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