Monday, November 17, 2008

I Heart Cupcakes

as you can tell from the photo! This one is from Babycakes, a vegan bakery---yes, it's true, anything can be had at any time in New York---which is part of the magic and energy of this city.

The staff there is wonderful---since we (Mr. Rad who planned another rad night of mexican food with a bakery down the street, that I could see from the window so I knew something good was coming) were first time visitors, we got free cupcake tops (yes, you can technically buy half a cupcake!). Since I was able to sample 3 (the one I purchased---red velvet, plus the tops, chocolate and banana), I can say, the baking is solid, but some are definitely better---the red velvet and the carrot (which came from the free box they gave me as I was leaving!). So really, I got like 8 cupcakes for the price of one.

And they're kosher, so the box came with me to Drisha the next day (seemed like a much better place than for the roommates)---and then I had to call the bakery back to see who did the kosher certification and they gave me the number for their rabbi, who when I called him said he's the vegan rabbi and does the kosher certification for most vegan places in the city (including Blossom cafe) and he spent about 20 minutes on the phone talking with me about vegetarianism and kashrut--even told me to call him any time I have any questions about kashrut or anything else. 

Which is one of the reasons why I heart this city---the adventures that one can have on a seemingly ordinary Wednesday night. 



Amy said...

Love the Renaissance Madonna-esque heavenward gaze...and the flower in hair with woolen coat...CUPCAKES FOREVER!!!

Carly said...

i know!!! we need to go to SSS ASAP!!!

Chester said...

oh, carly. every time i check in with you, you put a big smile on my face. =D
lots of love from hollywood,

Carly said...

send me some cereal box love C!