Sunday, November 23, 2008

it's OK :)

This was the sign that greeted me at the Oklahoma City Airport---I was impressed and nervous. I hadn't seen Jeremy in over 10 years and I was giving a reading at his Hillel. And it was the first time I was staying with a shomer shabbos family.

I wanted to give a good impression on all levels---as a poet and as a Jew. It's still difficult for me to see myself as the poet that I am...I still feel quite youthful and in the more I'm becoming stage than the I am stage. What I'm learning is that there are levels and I need to step up my own perception of myself to where everyone else sees me.

The reading went really well. I was very impressed with the planning and the diversity---community members, students, professors all came to Hillel for the 70th Kristallnacht commemoration. There was an amazing dinner before at Hillel---salmon, cous cous, and asparagus and the hospitality reminded me of Ohio. Or maybe that this is the way it is in a university town. And it made me want to be a professor more than I ever wanted to before. Spending the afternoon on Saturday with Honi solidified that. And hopefully, this will happen Sooner (get it?!) rather than later.

I'm exhausted and have lots more to say, but for now, know that everything is OK, in fact more than OK!


Sandra said...

Congrats! Still hoping for a catch-up phone call tomorrow night (Tuesday), or else while you're on the train Wednesday. Sorry I couldn't talk PM is usually quality time with the boy nowadays, if I can manage it. = )

moondog said...

what does that mean? "highest ranked student body in state history"?

Carly said...

looking forward to it! and have no idea about that sign :)

jeffrey ethan lee said...

i am glad you had a good event. that's always a good thing.