Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Totally RAD Day

Everyone needs a RAD day. And Someone to make it happen. On Friday, it happened to me. A mystery subway ride into the city. Madison Park! Home of SHAKE SHACK! I love how New York is so veggie friendly. I had the 'shroom burger. Meat can kiss my fanny. This was better than a burger, though Mr. Rad was digging his no doubt. There were leaves falling and chipmunks and birds. And somehow, burgers and (not) made me swoon a little...

and then arm in arm we strolled to the museum of sex. No joke. There's a museum for everything. And while the animal exhibit was the most fascinating (homesexual penguin and monkey behaviors, reversing gender roles, panda porn), overall, there could have been much more done with human sexuality. Especially in ancient traditions---there's so much on sexual behavior in the Torah alone. But how could you not have fun at a place called the museum of sex?

And even more uptown we went to my favorite Japanese bookstore and cafe for some tea. And after finishing the tea, he pointed down from the windows overlooking Bryant Park, to the Pond! Ice Skating!

And after that, who doesn't want a taste of summer---drinking Soju from half a watermellow. We ladeled it out like soup in our tin bowls. It was a two handed affair. 


Amy said...

Is "RAD" an acronym for "Really Awesome Day"?

Carly said...

it wasn't until you said :) I didn't notice :)