Friday, January 19, 2007

Thus Spake Ramona

It's funny that I'm working on a poem about the merits of online shopping and now you can find Ramona online here. I was just recording her in NYC last weekend and here she is, in the voice!

I'm feeling very energized today. I have some amazing students this semester---I am always surprised by their honesty when they do their introductions and can't wait to see their writing. I know that sounds like crap-o teacher talk, but really, I do believe it. We all have so much inside us and it takes guts to come to the page. And for me, I go straight from the page to the yoga mat. And it's funny because the yoga teachers say the same thing---honor the fact that you came to the mat. So I'm going to tell that to my students. I'm honored that they came to the page today.

This morning while drying my hair these lines came to me: the way we become our own ghosts. I'm not sure where it will go or what poem is brewing, and speaking of steam, SPD asked for 40 more copies!


moondog said...

hey, i can finally comment on your blog now! :)

i really like the idea of "become your own ghost". i have a phenomenon i like to call "shades of myself" wherein i see in others what i might have been like if i had spent more time doing _____ instead of -----. not sure that's what you had in mind, but that's what it reminded me of....

carly said...

yeah, i have to get back to that line---i've been writing about veggies lately!

I really don't know what I meant---sometimes things just creep into my head and the meaning comes later---I think I meant something more about memories haunting you---but your interp. works too :)