Saturday, January 06, 2007

Black Cats

Your vote matters! Beacause I still want to say that I work at one of the hippest bars in the city :)

And speaking of bars, I'll be reading at the Black Cat in DC on Wednesday Jan. 10th at 9 p.m. and at the Zinc Bar in NYC on Sunday Jan. 14th at 7 p.m.

Work-wise, I've been touching up the syllabus and getting ready for the semester. For the first time, I have two classes where I have many more guys than girls. This is the opposite of what it usually is. Perhaps too many students were reading the ratings on Hmmmm....

Also working on the deep cleveland anthology and trying to sequence and score last minute permissions. This week I'm meeting with an artist for the cover design.

The most difficult challenge is getting a cat. I know, it sounds silly but to find a declawed cat in the city is proving to be very frustrating. I'm turning in my application with Four Paws today so here's hoping!


Roonie said...

I voted!

Are you sure you need a cat that's declawed? It's quite inhumane, even if it has already been done. And you know, I have a cat. He using his claws VERY sparingly, and makes good use of the scratching post. What I really need for him to get rid of is that meower. He can howl like nobody's business...and he does!

carly said...

my landlord prefers it and yes, have read all about it and if it's been done, well, that cat needs someone to love it!!!

Sandra said...

Aw...I will have serious cat envy. If only Adam weren't allergic! Sunday afternoon tea and cat-play at Carly's house...a girl can dream.