Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Last night I made a spicer version of chicken soup. The recipe was called Asian Hot Pot which I found in Real Simple. It's become my new favorite magazine. The soup uses a soy ginger broth which you can create from chicken or vegetable stock by adding you guessed it, ginger and soy, or you can but a ginger and soy stock---yeah, Trader's Joes! Then you cook down mushrooms, chicken, bok choy, and carrots in ginger and garlic and hot pepper (I used dried chilli peppers) and then add that all to the broth slowly simmering and add some rice noodles and viola---Kung Oy!

I ate it for lunch and dinner today (as well as last night and most likely the rest of the week) and did hot yoga tonight for the first time. This new semester is going to be HOT!!!

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