Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week in Review: Red Rooms to Outside Rooms

I still can't find all the right words to talk about the reading at the KGB. It was still and strong. I've heard all of my readers read, but there was something more focused about this reading that has made it my favorite one thus far. Maybe it was the crowd, the small red room, the candlelight, or maybe that I could have a bourbon (which I've learned should not be added to chocolate chip oatmeal cookies if you don't want them to drunkenly spill into each other when baking---sorry, no pretty food pictures this time...)

Beth has started the good work of building the website---not quite finished yet, but feel free to take a sneak peak and let me know your thoughts. This is a project that is evolving---between the readings/yoga practices/and the 5K, I've raised about 1000 for rape crisis centers in New York, D.C. and Ohio. It's a small amount, really, but it's an investment in doing the work, of giving back to this planet of ours, especially now, how much healing is needed. Both the micro and the macro.

And tonight, after sitting all bundled up in a sukkah with my fellow Drisha artists, I realize how much I am surrounded by astounding women. Both the ones around the table, and the ones in spirit we invited in. My own personal ones that I am lucky for especially now---Amanda, Katherine, Sandra, Dages, Debra, and Elana. Thank you ladies for inspiring and nurturing the work we all do.


jeffrey ethan lee said...

i heard from harriet that it was a great event. great power & feeling in the room. it's great to know you had such a night there.

i don't know if you know her, but Purvi Shah was one of the MMM readers on 9/24/08 at AAWW. she does a lot of work releated to these themes (activist work & literary work).

Carly said...

i will have to check her work out! thanks so much!

AMR said...

Thank you, girl, for all the hard work you're doing! It's amazing!