Thursday, October 02, 2008

caught up upstate

I've been a little lax with the blog posting lately---blame it on being busier than normal or anything else you can imagine. I don't know if I actually am busier---though I have been traveling a little more than usual---Kent and Saratoga Springs (the new place I want to live). My friend Beth lives in a gorgeous old house and every week she goes to the mineral baths and fills up her water bottles from the spring. And she makes homemade everything. For dinner we picked arugula from her garden for the pasta! I've been noticing my cravings this autumn to going back to the land and the basics. This week I've made homemade pumpkin chocolate chip bread and butternut squash soup. Perhaps Jillian and Beth have made me more of a country Brooklyn gal than I realized, or perhaps the hearth mother Ramona spirit kicks in more intensely in autumn. This Saturday is apple picking :)

And I'm back to running. What can I say, give a girl a necklace and see what she'll do. Here's pictures from the race---the medal and the cupcake on Sunday afterwards from Spa City Cupcakes downtown Saratoga!


Sandra said...

Aw, that photo puts a BIG smile on my face. And I am soooo envious of the apple picking.

Good to hear your voice this morning...sorry I was so sleepy.
= )


Carly said...

thanks girl! sent it off to barnard yesterday :)