Saturday, August 02, 2008

Maine Girl

After a few crazy days in New York, it's finally vacation. It was a long, sleepy journey up here, but now we're all back to being our normal selves. Ben's already connected the wireless networks so we have the most technological, but rustic cabin. I've done morning yoga on the rocks by the ocean. Isabelle has cleaned everything in sight and is out picking roadside flowers, and Andrew is full of cabin and Maine history. I've got the Maine Wild Blueberry cookbook and I'm going to make Milk Chocolate Blueberry clusters sometime this week. Ben made Blueberry Sausage Breakfast cake with my vegan sausages---it's a keeper---I'm hoping to scan my favorite recipes so I'll be able to bring home some of the goodies. 

Since I can't partake in the lobster, I've found my own smaller treasure. 

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