Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Whine, Wine!!!

Alas, even though I memorized, I didn't come home with the big prize. Ended up with 2 bottles of wine from the raffle! And ended up having a great night. The winner was the girl who had the most friends there to vote for her. But isn't that how the world works sometimes?

You can be the person who works the hardest, and still lose to someone who has connections. And this teaches to love your friends and family, because that will get you the farthest in life. Weird how nepotism and love dance together :) And it's all about trying new things and not worrying about the outcome of them.

I was shaking in my boots to actually perform vs. read. But it felt good...I don't know if this is the beginning of a slam career (probably not) but it was fun and sometimes, that's reason enough for me. J and I had a great conversation over dinner, how as you get older, you don't do things just for the sake of them anymore. Things have consequences and problems and outcomes...so, we'll drink those bottles and toast simply to joy (and maybe poems about tampons too!).

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