Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Look for 2008

So, by now you've noticed the new look to the blog---the blue and the fun additions of "buy the books" and "upcoming readings/events." And there's more to come! Pretty soon you'll be able to get your hands on your own "why and later" t! $10 from every shirt sold (I'm going to be selling them for $20) will be going back to rape crisis centers in some way, whether it's through cash donations, or getting them books. But, if you can't wait to get your mits on them, leave me a comment with your email and you'll be the first to have one---before the anybodies can buy them via a paypal transaction. Had no idea 2008 would make me more techie...I owe the amazing design of the cover of the book and the shirts to the amazing Kristina Bilonick. She's a fantastic artist and all around great person so check her out! I'm also working on an event at Jaya Yoga for March so there will be more yoga/poetry connections. And I have a new love in my life---it's Brooklyn!!! Brooke and I have been having some serious dinner parties. We made a fabulous chickpea pasta---here's the recipe and tonight it's porchini mushroom ravioli with spinach and fresh parm. or moz. cheese. So much fun to have a friend in your neighborhood! And found a new favorite local restaurant---Little D. They have a fantastic beer and wine selection---only one beer (Corsendock) was familiar and their mac and cheese is the best I've ever had! And on the academic front---so far no bites on the tenure track jobs, but the steam sequence is on someone's syllabus at Wayne State University and just found out that someone is including steam in their ma thesis on post-narrative poetry.

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Amanda said...

Car, you know my email. I TOTALLY !!!! want a shirt!!!!