Sunday, September 02, 2007

Snippets from Life in Brooklyn

Just returned from yoga class---Ben already remarked how settled I am---that I'm doing what I usually do, or at least trying to---just ate my same post yoga snack---yogurt and a smoothie. I had ordered from Fresh Direct so that there would be food in the house and that was one of the smartest things to do. Saturday we were able to have our first dinner at home: broccoli rabe and raddichio sauteed in garlic, lemon, and olive oil served atop spinach pasta with fresh grated parm. cheese. It was very green and very good.

One of the things about class today that I liked (there were many) was that she talked about the poses as art making. It's about the process, not the product. You don't need to get anywhere, it's the making that is the journey. It was a good and welcome reminder of why I am a poet---it's really only about you and the page.

Fresh Direct gives you free cookies for trying them! Right now I'm practicing restraint! There's a bowl of granny smiths next to me for encouragement.

Joan's house feels like home. I remember why I fell in love with the place when I worked for her when I was a grad. student. She's also got one hell of a cd collection (downloading them to my iTunes now). We also have a grape vine so perhaps there will be some wine making or at least grapes for the smoothies.

Found a great burrito place that delivers that kicks Chipotle's butt. Also found a great local bar and restaurant complete with beets and a sassy bartender, Gina, who also happens to be a bourbon girl too---too bad it's Maker's, Jack, and Wild Turkey. Ah well, you can't have it all.


Amanda said...

I don't know, doll...Yoga, Fresh Direct, an Awesome Dinner, free cookies, "one hell of a cd collection," a great burrito place, Gina, and bourbon (of any kind)...that sounds like heaven to me! I'm a little jealous... ;)

carly said...

It's funny---I feel the same way about you and esp. after that post a while ago about your anniversary dinner in Findlay---total yum and romance of marrying another writer and your walks around town. And all your cool online class stuff. If I teach next summer I will have to consult you b/c your course looks way hipper than mine was! It's always greener everywhere else yes? Well, you and FD will have to come and visit. We have a Queen pull out couch!!!