Thursday, September 20, 2007

In Summary

Snippets from Brooklyn:

Used the men's room at Drisha with my rebel friend Rachel. The rabbi told us to. It was like Lilith Fair!

Have found that I have more time to work on things when I'm busy. I love the noise of the train and just all the lives unfolding around you. Privacy becomes redefined.

Today in yoga class a woman was discussing her divorce very openly before class. According to her, around 13 is the perfect age for kids to go through a divorce because they're old enough and young enough...

Had the best yoga class ever! I go here!

After class yesterday I got my favorite falafel and Magnolia cupcakes. Made an awesome dinner at home last night: Salmon with a honey mustard sauce, green beans and cous cous.

Am in love with Kate Blackwell's first collection of short stories. I'm at the last one and I'm sad this is the end of the book :(

Tomorrow it's back to DC for Yom Kippur...

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David W said...

I was just up late going thru the deep recesses of one of my bookshelfs looking for some things for work tomarrow morning and came across some old notes/letters etc. from you from way back in the day. It made me curious; so i just did the old google search and found that you have a blog. Seems like life is treating you well, which is great! I have been curious how things went with your anthology of poems dealing with rape, did it ever come out? how did that go? Life for me has been incredible the last few years; great times, great experiences, some tragedy and difficult times all rolled together; but great overall; at some point I'll have to catch up with you. Hope things are well for you at this holiday time.