Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I don't know why the whole world doesn't live here. I remember when a friend from college was graduating and I was heading for NYC for grad school and she was heading out to San Fran for a job and thought we had it backwards. Ah well, there is always the possibility! Today we drove down to Santa Cruz via US 1, stopping in Pescadaro for lunch (as Erika recommended!). We bought some great artichoke bread which we'll eat tomorrow morning. Bummed around Santa Cruz and the beaches along the road and had dinner at a great vege-diner called Saturn and then rented a hot tub/sauna in a Japanese garden before heading back to SF. Also got a t, that says "vegetarians have more fun" for Ramona!

Wrote two poems in the Dallas airport and had another mishap with my knife stuck in the bottle---was trying to get the lime down. So that ended up in my ode to beer as well.

Had lunch with Alice Anderson our first day here---she is lovelier than anyone I have ever met. And we both even use the same Rosebud salve for our lips. Another poetry crush, and her permissions just went through for the anthology---some good karma out here!


moondog said...

oh, and i suppose you never made it down to LA to visit your three fans who live here? :P

Bryan said...

"I don't know why the whole world doesn't live here."

Neither do I. My brother (hey... his birthday was on the 14th) lives right in the Santa Cruz area, and two of my friends are going to school there. It's beautiful there, and the weather's great right now.

And as of May 21st, you'll have at least four fans living in the LA area. :)


carly said...

Sorry guys, never made it to LA LA land...maybe next time...someone get me a reading and I'm there!!! Stuck in Dallas with orchids in my hair.... said...

Don't worry, the whole world does live in Cali... just come down to LA, and drive on one of our freeways... you'll see...
xo The Liquid Muse