Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm So Vain

Afterall, I was named after Carly I was gone for 10 days and all I have are pictures of myself (book jacket photo). One of the reasons is that we took all the vacation pics on Jonathan's camera and that's sans present at the moment. Besides, do you really want to see cacti up close and personal? So friends and family, another plea to help me find the right look for the book:


HaJew said...

The last one seems the most genuine.

Katherine said...

Yes, they're all good, but that last one is great. I can't wait until I have the book in my hands!

Roonie said...

Carly, I hate to be the lone dissenter, but none of them really capture your essence. You're beautiful, and carefree, and happy, and genuine, and loving...and I don't get that from those poses. You know me, I am honest until it hurts, so I thought I would tell you that I don't see much of the Carly I know coming through on those photos. They are still beautiful, don't get me wrong, but I don't think they've done you justice.