Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pondering in Down Dog

Lately I've been feeling a little strange. Perhaps b/c it's a new year and I should have many resolutions---though for us Jews, we already made them so these resolutions are kind of a let down. My yoga teacher had some wisdom for the day, to remember why you came to the mat, and to dedicate your practice. I really like the idea of stopping to center yourself (seems pretty basic, but lately I've not felt overly centered)---especially b/c I always feel like I'm all over the place. There is always some project or another. So here's my list of what I'm working on:

1. Edits and other tasks related to the steam sequence (My fabulous co-worker "Red" is going to choreograph a dance---ah, the possibilities, how I love projects)
2. Getting ready for the semester
3. Working on the deep cleveland anthology
4. Working on Ramona and the museum manuscript and my fiction

I'm writing these more for me, because I have really felt like a slacker this break---going to the gym and sleeping in more and having adventures with Caroline. Though I think this is what breaks are for. You get a break so you don't break. Namaste.


Amy said...

Hey Carly! Your break sounds very productive to me. You'll be ready to get back to those classes.
It was great meeting you at Topaz. Wish I could be at Rouge for Kim, Deborah and Matthew's reading on the 30th.
Um, I just started a blog. . . stop by when you get the chance.
Namaste and Happy '06

Kyle Foley said...

do you know of any open mic poetry readings in dc - i'm moving back there in about two weeks

carly said...

Beltway Quarterly has a link to readings, as does Busboys and Poets, and searching and welcome back to town.