Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Found Love Up His Nose

You have to click on the picture to be able to read the comments and they're well worth it. Ah, cliched love! Roses and reservations (that's what's in store for me). I printed some love poems for my students from to get them writing---to steal a line from the poem they picked and to free write (then using the author in the title). I love how we can still rift on the holidays...I remember once making a poem of the words on candy hearts!

Here's mine:

Found Object Valentine
(for Peter Gizzi)

These things: leaf, zipper, sparrow, potato chip
moon. Lintel, scarf, window shade. Dildo, collinder,
a spade, a hunk of cheese, slab of bread. Eros.
Mortar and pestle, a long tube, plastic spoon, hair
coiffed, steel coiled. Do I love you or not
today, winter Tuesday. My birthday, tofu
bacon, the locked door. Up, rocks. Both.
Neither. Pathetic swoon.

I had forgotten to blog about Atlanta and how I caught a certain someone with his finger up his nose on the airplane. And today, yellow and orange roses. I'm wondering if those things cancel each other out. Maybe he was digging for roses???

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