Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Sarah was in town visiting---this morning we went to Stitch DC and she taught me how to crochet over tea at Ching Ching Cha. There's a lot of women in my family who knit and so now, at least I'll be able to bring my ball and needle around and not feel so un-womanly. I've got the cooking part down and so now, onto some handy work.

Last night I took her to the JCC to hear Myla Goldberg read and perform with One Ring Zero. Reminded me of how back in college, I always brought my non-Jewish friends around to Hillel. What struck me about Myla is how much we have in common---we both love Kundera and Kafka and both lived in Prague. Though I didn't try to talk to her--I thought it might be weird---too much "me too" vibe going on.

Ah well, I can reflect while I loop and pull through--that's our bastard yarn-speak!

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