Tuesday, December 13, 2005


In Summary

1. found out my first book of poems will be coming out in fall 2006 from washington writer's publishing house...guess where i was when i got the phone call...the powder room of the black cat!

2. sat next to mark kurlansky at the big alimentum launch in nyc. everyone has a crush on ramona. spent 15 minutes in line for the bathroom.

3. didn't pee on the train on the way up but surprisingly the penn station bathrooms are quite clean. went on the way home.

4. lost my cell phone charger but acquired 4 magnolia cupcakes.

5. am using book deal to justify things like eating big macs at 3 am and the like.

6. will be grading portfolios and bartending and will write something decent soon. apply said book deal excuse here.


HaJew said...

Congratulations! Move over Maya Angelou.

Ruby K said...

mazel mazel! to think I can rub elbows with a published poet when I return to visit the capital. By the way, Ms. Thang, peep the Riot Act for some more props...

Caroline Skrong said...

I am so happy for you...and how can you ever resist Ramona?

Katherine said...


Saucy Lil' Tart said...

I have missed this important news! A BOOK! Of YOUR poems? FANTASTICO! I am thrilled! Will you be a big-time author now? Can I say I knew you? And...more importantly...will I be able to buy it at a bookstore near me next fall? ;)