Wednesday, September 14, 2005

11 out of 16 picked Green

Today we discussed using color in your writing and green was by far the most popular. Tomorrow I'm going to pick red, but today I picked purple and here are the random lines that I composed with my students--definitely not a poem yet, but this one is for you Aunt Sue:

The king wielded his power unjustly

his amythyst septer (spelling?)

the sheen of cabernet against crystal

after we had drunk it all

She pinned an orchid behind her ear

not the memory of it

the way it grew in those trees (anyone know the name of them---I saw them in Florida)

to be tucked in & woven around

It was twilight

she was melting

She remembered that he grew violets under flourescent lights in the cellar

It was the 1970's. She wore pants

That night she made eggplant, no aubergine

but she was here now and was having a difficult time slicing it

She thought of lilacs, the way they return year after year,

the scent she could not erase from her memory


Annie said...

I think it's Spanish Moss that hangs from the trees in Florida and Georgia...

carly said...

No, I mean the trees that orchids grow in---they're huge...