Thursday, February 19, 2009

Post 30, it's curtains, curtains for you (me)

I both do and do not feel different. Perhaps I did party it up like a 21 year old for my 30th, but who wouldn't do that at AWP? According to Mr. Schmooze, my party was slammin! However, everyone was out of my room by 1 am and there was no late night pizza order and so, no, this wasn't my 21st birthday. And that night, only two bourbons for me and for the most part, the entire conference was pretty moderate in terms of drinking and staying up late. I even made it to the gym one morning.

I'm grateful for having an early panel. As unexcited I was about 9 am, many people showed up and were lively (and it wasn't just b/c Alicia got loud). My co-panels had a lot to say about identity, religion, and culture. I feel very fortunate to have such amazing women in my corner so thank you Eve, Idra, Sharon, and Erika. And to all those fab poets, both Jewish and not, this was one of my favorite AWP's. Meeting Meredith Hall and attending her panel about grant and essay writing changed how I think about applying for fellowships and conferences. (envelope for bread loaf, ready!).

Oh, and I danced and danced.


Matthew W. Schmeer said...

Damn, Carly; one link from your blog and my traffic has gone through the roof! You are one popular poet/blogger/burlesque hoster.

It was great to see you again in Chicago; I feel like a schmuck for not realizing it was an actual birthday party and bringing you a bottle of something to help celebrate. Thanks for inviting me to the party, and thanks for doing what you do for poetry: you bring folks together.

And what the heck was Dave's last name again? Everything starts to blur after a week.

Carly said...

no worries! glad to have you :)
next time we schmooze I'll expect a bottle (j/k)

and my pal is dan padilla


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