Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Sunlight

is why I got this apartment and it's streaming through the great room right now. For the first time, the apt. is as warm as I like it and I got to turn the heat down below 70 degrees! I spent the morning with pumpkin spice coffee and a banana blueberry smoothie---did some organizing---actually alphabetized by poetry and fiction books on the shelves. My grandparents called to check in and see how I was doing and it was lovely to sit on my love seat and chat late morning. Also got my first pieces of real mail (change of address form doesn't count) from mom and a university I applied to teach (the human resources survey) and so things are really beginning to settle in.

Yesterday I met Mike, who works the night shift at the bodega down the street. His brother Manny works the morning and they carry vegetarian products. He looked down at my 3 cans of Amy's soup, my veggie burgers and fake chicken nuggets and pegged me as a vegan. Nope, vegetarian I smirked and he said to let him know if there was anything I needed, that if he didn't have it, he could order it. This has some serious Ramona potential. Speaking of, I'll be reading at the Mercantile Library tonight for the Alimentum Launch Party!

And now as I'm sitting out here, I'm thinking of spring when I can grow my own vegetables right on the balcony---finally, Ramona can have her own garden!

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