Monday, April 28, 2008

Come See Me

I know I've been out of touch...I have so many stories but I'm struggling with trying to figure everything out lately...sometimes I think I do so much that it's difficult to know which direction to take. But I'm not one to discuss these things via the blog. Hence the silence. So right now, here's some more shameless promotion.

DRISHA POETS Elana Bell, Amy Gottlieb, Sarah Heller, and Carly Sachs
Will Give a Reading On Wednesday, April 30th at 6:00 PMat the Cornelia Street Café

Poets and Drisha Arts Fellows, Elana Bell, Amy Gottlieb, Sarah Heller, and Carly Sachs, will read from their work at the Cornelia Street Café in the West Village on Wednesday night, April 30th at 6PM (29 Cornelia Street, 212-989-9319). The evening will be introduced by Drisha Arts Fellowships Coordinator, Eve Grubin.

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