Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Under the Weather...

I so so hate being sick! Though it often informs me of when I need to slow down and pace myself. I had to cancel my first reading which totally bums me out, but the upside is that I will most likely be able to reschedule and that two days off isn't the end of the world. Though when you're stuck on the couch, it seems like forever.

So, yesterday I was so happy when I got an email from Dan to let me know that his review of the steam sequence is online at The Growler!

And looks like we're getting close to go to print with the anthology---and Joan, my lovely land lady stopped over to visit, pick up some things and she brought me medicine from the pharmacy. Turns out our neighbor downstairs is sick so I'm going to drop off some non chicken chicken soup. I think it's working as I'm feeling much better...or perhaps it's the community and having people to talk to that makes me feel not as pathetic as I think! Perhaps mind over matter really does matter!


Jeff Vande Zande said...

I hope you're not saying you had to cancel the Zeitgeist reading.


carly said...

Alas, I am...but we will reschedule---hope you had a wonderful reading!

Jeff Vande Zande said...

You know, the reading venue was a lot of fun. However, don't plan to sell many books. I sold two -- one to Ken Meisel's mother and one to his sister.

Maybe you're not too worried about sales, but it just strikes me that coming from D.C. is a long way to go.

I don't mean to be negative; it's just that I was a little disappointed in the sales aspect of the evening.

carly said...

Yeah, I look at readings more as a chance to travel rather than an opportunity to sell. That's kind of like the welcome bonus! If we were concerned about the bottom line, we'd not be poets right?

Looking forward to meeting you when I reschedule! And I'm in NYC now...so let me know if you have any readings in the city.

Jeff Vande Zande said...

Sadly, I probably won't get to hear you when you reschedule. I live in Midland, MI -- about two hours north of Detroit, so I don't get into the big D very often.

It was, at the very least, nice to meet you virtually.


Maya said...

I hope you're feeling better!
You're so inspiring, I got my butt in gear and am knocking out the biggest bug in my book right now.
We're doing a staged reading of my translation at American U on Monday, Nov. 5, so if you're down this way, or know anyone who is, send them along. At 7:30. The poem is book-length, romanticism. A tale of seduction, revenge, patricide, featuring a crazy intermezzo with talking animals.
And for goodness sake, make sure I know when you're back in town next!

Anonymous said...