Sunday, December 03, 2006


You know you're getting old when...I remember the first time I criticized the clothes girls younger than me were wearing. I was in a mall in New Jersey (this was when I was in grad school) and commented about the micro-mini fad of the time. But, it's getting worse now---especially watching mtv where young people get drunk and make out. Though, I often see all of that live at the Rouge, last night no exception. At least no one threw up! And where are the roll models? Of course, right here:

"Young Hollywood’s Crack Pack" (courtesy of The Liquid Muse) as they've taken to sporting mini skirts commando, ensuring the world a steady supply of not-so-necessary crotch-shots. Lindsey’s privates hit tabloid headlines twice in the last month - and now Britney has joined in. (Wasn't she on a "classing up my act" campaign??) Ladies, for chrissakes, wtf? Put on some freakin’ panties already!

Even the professional escort there last night knows that!

3 comments: said...

Ha ha. It is sad to see that the 'pros' have more decorum than the general public, eh?

Molly Arden said...

Love your blog!
I'm all agog!
In a fog!
Walking the dog!
In the heaven of a hog!
Crossing the stream on a log!
And I will think of you as I jog!

carly said...

Ribbit, said the Frog! Thanks ladies for visiting!