Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Let the Poets Eat Cake!

Ramona was well received today at the Library of Congress and it was awesome reading with Bernadette Geyer and Marcela Sulak. Though, how can a reading of poems about food not go well? Afterwards we went to Pete's for lunch---a diner serving burgers and Chinese food. Most of us opted for the Vegetarian Special. Ramona was happy, though she's not yet found a place in her heart for okra.

We ended up talking about (surprise surprise) the poetry scene in DC and how there are so many venues for poetry but that we don't mix that well. There's the more formal readings at LOC and the Folger and then the university readings, the slam scene, the avant garde, the northern Virginia, etc...so the question was, should we have less readings or how can we work to help each other out rather than thinning out the scene b/c we all agreed how vibrant DC is. (I had no idea I'd be agreeing with that after first moving here from NYC). And of course, time and the amount of work vs. the amount of financial support for it all is a huge factor. Anyone have any ideas?

What I do know, is that we are lucky---lucky to have all of this and hopefully, like today, we'll have our cake and eat it too! (you can get these cakes at Cake Love---the Magnolia of DC)


Sandra said...

Hey Carly--

Aw, sorry I missed that lunch, sounds like an interesting conversation. I may pick it up on my blog...
Good luck at GW tomorrow night!


Don said...

I'd like to wish you good luck at GW, too. I'd come, but I have to go to Cafe Muse; I need to talk to WordWorkds organizers there about some volunteer work I offered to do.

carly said...

no worries and thanks y'all :) perhaps we can all have a cocktail together soon and discuss/imbibe!

Kevin said...