Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Bartender Tells All

Well, not me, but some of my colleagues expound. For a while, I've thought about writing an inside the bar post---so you know what to do or not do for a while, but it looks like a few others already have! So before you tell me to make your drink strong or try to hit on me with your lame-o lines or expect me to be your sole entertainment for the night, read up sipsters!'m not bitter and haven't been turned sour by the industry, I'm just a big fan of proper etiquitte. Sometimes people don't tell you those things, like having spinach in your teeth. You should know better!


HaJew said...

Wising you a Happy and Fantastic Jewish New Year! Keep up the great writing.

Roonie said...

You should still write one, anyway - I would love to hear your take!