Sunday, April 30, 2006

Prom and Poetry Update

Our bathtub was amazing, on the 23rd floor looking out at Manhattan, thinking about the night on the town...we were at the Kimberly Hotel which is quite near the Buttercup Bakery...mmm, cupcakes in bed for breakfast!
Do we look old enough to be at the Prom?
the DRESS!!!!
another shot of the dress...hmm, i have more shots of the dress than jonathan...what does that say about our relationship???


Today I just found out that one of my poems will be in the Outside Voices Anthology which comes out in 2008 I think. It's huge, like 475 poets. I'm always fascinated by how many people are writing and doing new things (so to speak) and how these communities of ours form. How much of it is by the so called evil networking, which I like to refer to as finding new friends, you know, like discovering new restaurants or something. I often wonder what brings us together. Obviously now the internet and wow, look what technology has done for the literary community. In general I think the internet is a great tool for literacy. So here's the site:

Come, be my book fellow. But wow, look at what we are all doing. All of these dreams of doing meaningful things. That's how I feel about my anthology, (still deep in permissions) but planting the seeds and waiting for that thing to bloom.


Jason said...

SO how do I get an Autographed copy of this book I hear about? Good to hear things are well with you. I am still here at the war front... good times, good times. Supposed to be getting some more medals soon, we'll see.

Lisa said...

Love the dress! You look FABulous!!! What an amazing dress for an amazing girl! See you soon. Lisa

Roonie said...


carly said...

Thanks you guys. Jason, the book you can order on Amazon :). It's not yet released but you can pre-order and it will arrive sometime in September or October. Just search for the steam sequence and thanks ladies...that dress will be repeated at all summer weddings!