Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Top Secret Post

Well, I feel like I have one of those invisible ink pens or something. But I type in this box and I can't see anything so I guess this will teach me to be a more accurate typist or to be less mindful of common grammar rules. This is the what is according to my new yoga wisdom, that we should be mindful and embrace what is, because life is so uncontrollable and when we try to control that which is beyond our control, we get stressed out. So here I am in the now typing who knows what. This reminds me of Jack Spicer thinking some of his pomes were transmitted to him via outerspace aliens. How do we explain where our inspriations come from? Usually mine are rooted in something physical and tanggible, a painting, or the less so with a moment, a feeling. We jst started workshopping in class and it's wonderful to see people really connect about what they are feeling and thinking and how to explain this mystical craft, sort of like these random letters that I am hitting here. But it all begins someewhere, here where I'm trying to punch out something readable and be continued. In blind faith, Carly.


Don said...

I've been thinking, too, of where my ideas come from. I'm sort of in love with the Jack Spicer theory right now. When I'm writing a line a voice in my head will just blurt out a line, often an odd one, and I have no idea where it came from. Language sort of speaks us sometimes, I believe.

carly said...

I wish there was a way to explain this thing that we do, but then again, I think it's the mystery. You can't tell anyone how to write poetry or write at all really. You just write, as if that was an explanation. To quote one of my students when asked about his writing process he wrote, "I write because I write."